Versant Object Database

"No one size fits all."

Application profiles and payloads vary. As your application and business evolve over several years, sometimes you may not even know what to expect. You must inherently select a database by trying to predict your future.

The Versant Object Oriented Database can be customized for your application architecture and production environment based on the particular requirements.

Feature Highlights

  • Complex, high-performance data management
  • Native object persistence
  • Supports database distribution and partitioning
  • Comprehensive, 24/7 toolset

Key Benefits

  • Real-time analytical performance
  • Big Data management
  • Cut development time by up to 40%
  • Significantly lower total ownership cost
  • High availability

Application Profile
Let’s start with the Versant Object Database principle application profile, driven by # of concurrent users and expected database size:

Sample application profiles Enterprise class application or services
# Users / Sessions Limited only by hardware resources
Data volume The Versant Object Oriented Database can span multiple drives and servers

Performance / Scalability
Understanding your application’s need for performance and scalability is going to help you select the right engine. Here are some things to look at and how they map to the Versant Object Oriented Database:

Process Scalability Yes, the Versant Object Database scales linear with # of CPU and cores
Server Cache Size The maximum is 2048 shared memory segments.
Parallel Client Sessions Limited only by available system resources
Distributed / Partitioned databases Yes
Maximum data volume Multiple drives

Production Environment
From a fully embeddable, maintenance-free database engine to a mission critical, multi-server deployment in a hosted environment, you can configure and instrument the Versant Object Oriented Database to fulfill your SLAs:

Versant Database Tools  
Management Center Included
Compact Included
FTS Optional
Async Server Optional
HA Backup Optional
SQL access Optional

Recommended Minimum Server Hardware for Versant Object Database Enterprise
CPU Full support for multi-socket / multi-core CPUs
Memory > 16 GB

Software Development Kits
We give you the freedom to choose which object programming language and framework is right for you. The database provides comprehensive application programming interfaces and software development kits for the most popular environments, so the choice is yours:

Java / JPA Yes
C++ Yes

More About the Versant Object Database

There are a number of technical resources to help you get into object oriented database management and to support your productivity using the Versant Object Oriented Database:

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