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Transactional Object Client-Server Database

FastObjects Client-Server Database is a high performance, transactional object client-server database designed to meet the requirements of object oriented programmers with a need to manage application objects with a robust embedded client-server database.

FastObjects Client-Server Database is configurable to meet multi-user requirements as well as embedded client-server database deployment requirements.

  • The scalable, multi-user client-server database server offers several enterprise features such as multi-processor support, data and communication encryption, server replication, and server fail-over/reconnect mechanisms.
  • As a truly embedded client-server database, FastObjects Client-Server Database offers features specifically designed for volume deployments including integrated object and schema versioning and zero database maintenance.


FastObjects Client-Server Database consists of a core database server system that provides the essential client-server database functionality and a set of client-side application libraries that are linked into the application executable.

The client-server database schema and the database access code are generated directly from the object model residing in the application programming language, for example .NET, Java or C++. Application objects and their relationships are transferred in the internal client-server database representation thereby eliminating any need for schema or “object to relational” mapping code.

The FastObjects Client-Server Database manages client connections with a pool of TCP/IP sockets. Internal caching improves the Server's runtime performance.

Fast Obejts
Example: FastObjects Client-Server Database Runtime Architecture for Microsoft .NET

The client runtime system is linked with the application and becomes part of the application executable without requiring an additional installation process. Furthermore, the administration API gives the developer the ability to fully automate administrative procedures, such as online client-server database backup, normally done by a DBA.

FastObjects Client-Server Database Key Features

Efficient Direct Object Storage

With FastObjects Client-Server Database, the complicated and costly object-to-relational mapping problems inherent in working with a relational client-server database are completely eliminated.

The in-memory representation of an object is copied to a disk representation. All references are converted into internal object identifiers to store complex object relationships in an easy and simple manner.

Streamlined Management of Complex Schemata

The schema information for the client-server database is automatically extracted from the declarations of the application classes.

Fast Obejts
Example: FastObjects Client-Server Database for Microsoft .NET intermediate language code enhancer and schema generator

High Speed Navigation and Retrieval

FastObjects Client-Server Database also supports the industry-standard Object Query Language (OQL). The query optimizer utilizes indexes to accelerate application performance.

Objects are stored with references so the application can quickly, efficiently retrieve and traverse the object graph. Direct navigation from object to object provides the fastest possible access to information objects.

Data Integrity

The developer can implement pessimistic or optimistic locking. FastObjects Client-Server Database fully supports all traditional data integrity features such as transactions, logging and locking.

Horizontal Scale Out (optional)

FastObjects Client-Server Database can be configured as a “Master” server with any number of read-only “Slave” servers in a horizontal scale out scenario.

For FastObjects Client-Server Database Customer

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FastObjects Client-Server Database Success Stories


Echelon powers world’s leading control networks with the Versant FastObjects Client-Server Database.

STRATEC Biomedical Systems AG

Versant's object oriented database is at the core of STRATEC's biomedical analyzer systems, fully automated testing