Other Services

Other Services

Database Monitoring

Monitoring your databases helps ensure your business always receives the levels of service it depends on. We monitor your Actian infrastructure and databases using the innovative Actian Support Appliance (ISA). Using this powerful tool – that also archives historical data for Trend Analysis – we can identify potential problems quickly and resolve issues with minimum fuss. We give you access to a wide range of server and database metrics which means we can help you with Root Cause Analysis, so that problems are permanently resolved and capacity planning is even more accurate.

Our ISA is built on the Open Source Nagios monitoring system and can monitor around 200 critical data points within your Actian environment. Its integral database stores historical data to help with Root Cause and Trend Analysis. Additional plug-ins that cover networking and other databases extend its monitoring capabilities to create a complete end-to-end solution. Of course our specialists will help you design a monitoring service that meets your needs and install the ISA with any additional plug-ins.

Ingres Load Testing Suite

Any change to your IT environment is a risk, so it’s absolutely essential that your databases and applications are tested to maximum capacity before they are installed. The Ingres Load Testing Suite (Query Recording and Playback - QRP), an Open Source tool, allows you to replay actual production workloads against test platforms in order to validate the performance and stability of any change. QRP also allows you to directly compare server resource utilization, query response times and query results across the pre- and post-change environments. Playback can be run at varying paces to simulate increased workloads or to accommodate less powerful test platforms.

Service flexibility

Because QRP is Open Source it’s free of charge, and general help can be found within the Actian online community. To help you maximise the benefits of this tool we offer a complete QRP service, from Installation, Support, Production Recording, Playback and Analysis of the results to help eradicate risk in any of the changes you make.

"Actian has a range of support tools to ensure we can deliver benefits right from the start"

High Speed Data Replication

High Volume Replicator (HVR) is a data replication technology that goes beyond Disaster Recovery by eliminating downtime completely. It helps save money by removing the need for redundant failover hardware.

How does it work?

It’s a multi-active database architecture that combines high performance data integration technology with the enterprise class Ingres Database software. Work load balancing across all the nodes is achieved within this architecture, so if one node fails, affected users are automatically re-connected to an active node; they won’t experience any interruption. And when the failed node is restored the work load is automatically re-balanced.

What are the benefits?

  • No costly hardware investment that may remain unused
  • One-off set up cost and no on-going costs for idle servers
  • Capacity to absorb partial failure which limits the impact on users
  • Auto-reconnection, delivering an almost invisible failover
  • Flexibility to allow zero downtime, maintenance and upgrades for both the DBMS and the servers
  • Resilience to failure is retained even after a single node failure
  • Zero downtime to implement the HA solution depending on application architecture
  • Low cost scalability to cope with growth, simply add further nodes to the architecture
  • Geographical distribution of resources, reduces risk of a single event affecting all servers
  • High performance
  • Up to date read only reporting databases
  • We offer a complete design, implementation and support service for HVR