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Does it take you a week to produce your weekly report?

In today's turbulent climate the need to gain competitive advantage and to sustain market share is now even more of a business priority. Organisations need to be able to analyse data faster to respond to external factors and uncertainties whilst also keeping a watchful eye on internal efficiencies and costs.

Actian can help you turn this into reality. We can convert Business Intelligence strategies into reality and provide you with the means of analysing your data interactively, instead of once per week. We have a team of consultants that understand data management & reporting, and can help formulate your data management strategy by understanding and analysing your current data and reports which will ultimately need to feed in as requirements into any Business Intelligence strategy you decide to implement. Our services range from:

  • Data Management – we can help you manage your data more efficiently.
  • Analytic Performance – Vector allows you to undertake business analytics at the speed of thought.
  • Reporting – we can develop your report using various leading tools including self-service Dashboards and Reporting incorporating Drill Down capabilities.


Vector allows you to undertake business analytics at virtually the speed of thought. It takes advantage of the capabilities of the modern chip to deliver 10 - 75x + performance benefits for analytics workloads. Queries that might have taken you several minutes to complete now take just seconds, which speeds up and improves the accuracy of your business decision making.

If you want to see the benefits for yourself, we can help. We provide a service that demonstrates the power of Vector using your own production data; it's called QuickStart. We can show you how easily Vector can be integrated into your infrastructure and give your staff the knowledge to exploit the power of Vector.

Business Intelligence
Understand your data so you can use it to explore, forecast, predict and optimise to improve your analytics

Here's how QuickStart works.

  • Step 1: Scoping exercise to identify a suitable data set and queries for the engagement
  • Step 2: Integration assessment to define how Vector would integrate with existing BI and ETL tools in your environment
  • Step 3: Vector deployment and tuning for the agreed data set and queries
  • Step 4: Benchmarking activity to compare Vector performance with your existing technology
  • Step 5: Knowledge transfer, enabling your staff to understand how Vector is installed and configured so they can work with it successfully.

Vector runs on commodity servers and major cloud-based services, which allows you to evaluate its great potential at a low cost. Actian Services consultants have developed a strong knowledge base and expertise in Linux systems, including cloud-based platforms. With no major investment required, you can focus on delivering performance and value for your business.