Application Services

Our Application Services team focus on ensuring your systems are working as they should be, when they should be. Our consultants are available for 24x7 cover, 365 days of the year. We specialise in supporting applications that run against Ingres databases but we can help you with all your application needs and will tailor the service to meet your specific requirements.

Application Services

Whether your systems are using the latest technologies or they are considered legacy, Actian Application Services can help you make the most of your applications. You might not have the time, right blend of skills, or enough people to help. Our Application Services allow you to select exactly the level of support and skills you need to suit your specific requirement, so that you maintain control over and gain maximum value from your existing software investment.

How can we help?

Our consultants will work with you to scope and price the work involved so you know exactly how much the service will cost before it starts. We’ll put together a team for you with the skills you need, whether you require our assistance over a short period or for multiple years, and we can even work as part of your existing team. We can also provide code reviews, perform application testing, educate your staff and document your system, including UML modelling diagrams and using the Volare Template.

"Delivering Value and Flexibility – Would you have it any other way?"

Which Services do we provide?

We provide a variety of services and support:

  • Application Support – We can provide 24 x 7 support for a wide variety of development languages and operating systems.
  • Code Reviews – We offer a range of comprehensive reviews to ensure your application is written to specification, using efficient SQL and meeting coding standards.
  • Testing – We can provide testing facilities for most platforms, assist with test plans, write unit tests or comprehensive test harnesses.
  • Documentation – We can document your system for you, providing Cross-References, UML Modelling and more comprehensive project documentation to the highest standards, including the Volare Template.
  • Advice & Guidance – We can also provide ad hoc advice & guidance, test cases, proof of concepts and concept design frameworks.
  • Education – Training for Ingres software, such as OpenROAD, OpenROAD Application Service, OpenROAD eClient / iRunner and Ingres ABF and Embedded SQL.
Application Services