Consulting Services are focused on a range of project or event specific tasks related to your Actian systems and are generally single purpose, one-off or short-term engagements to assist the client to achieve a specific goal. Our experience with a vast range of systems and customer requirements enables us to successfully guide and assist you through major or minor change in a cost effective and controlled way. Whether you need architecture advice or consultancy for a one-off project all of our services can be tailored to you needs and are available on a fixed fee subscription or time and materials basis. The choice is absolutely yours.

Why choose Consulting Services?

Tough economic times call for a new approach to software development and demand that organisations find better, faster and more affordable ways to deliver new applications. Actian Services response is simply refreshing as it is underpinned by the following values:

Open & Honest approach to Business Problems – We have a range of products, services and technical skills that allows us to address many business problems through technical solutions. We achieve this by working in a transparent partnership with our customers, built on a no-nonsense and professional approach which has allowed us to build long term relationships.

Watch the Costs - Our approach maximizes returns from your historic technology investment, and minimizes your risk in the process.

The need for Flexibility – We can develop and support business critical enterprise grade software solutions but we also deal with the smaller technical issues – this offers our customer greater flexibility. As an IT specialist we have a proven track record developing business critical enterprise grade software solutions integrating both proprietary software and open source technologies. Furthermore Actian is an expert in the use of Open Source Software and its integration into diverse technical environments such as Java and .NET.

All this leads to a partner that has an outstanding reputation for successfully delivering quality solutions on time and to budget.

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