Business Benefits

Maximizing your investment

Business Benefits

The philosophy of Managed Services is about helping you realize the full potential of your Actian investments. With our managed support services you can:

Reduce Risk

  • Reduce the risk of downtime of your systems
  • Reduce the risk of change – to your infrastructure or applications
  • Reduce the risk of skill shortages
  • Reduce the impact of staff availability problems
  • Reduce the risk of system performance or stability problems
  • Fix problems fast and effectively with a team from Actian who know your systems

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce the business costs of system downtime
  • Reduce the costs of recruiting and training your own team of experts
  • Continuous service improvement delivers lower management costs
  • Manage to an SLA, and reduce the management time you need to spend on the service
  • Re-deploy your own in-house resources more effectively elsewhere