Managed Services

Why Actian Managed Services?

Actian Managed Services is about helping you realize the full potential of your Actian investments by ensuring the on-going and optimal operation of your Actian product deployment. Our experienced team bring years of knowledge supporting Actian’s products on business-critical systems for customers around the globe. We work to help maximize your investment by:

Reducing Risk

Reduce the risk of downtime of your systems

Reduce the risk of change – to your infrastructure or applications

Reduce the risk of skill shortages

Reduce the impact of staff availability problems

Reduce the risk of system performance or stability problems

Fix problems fast and effectively with a team from Actian who know your systems

Reducing Costs

Reduce the business costs of system downtime

Reduce the costs of recruiting and training your own team of experts

Continuous service improvement delivers lower management costs

Manage to an SLA, and reduce the management time you need to spend on the service

Re-deploy your own in-house resources more effectively elsewhere

Managed Service Benefits
Reduced Risk

Actian’s proven approach and highly skilled team provide direct access to worldwide resources to reduce risk.

Control Costs

Reduced recruitment and training of own team with existing resources redeployed to more effective positions. SLAs reduce management overhead.

Increased Stability

Best practice configuration, pro-active monitoring and performance tuning reduce unplanned outages and increase customer satisfaction.

Vendor Supported

Actian’s Professional Service team are backed by the engineers that create the products.

"We knew we had to upgrade to Ingres version 10 in order to benefit from encryption and make sure our online website offering was fully compliant. Actian Services were on hand to help us upgrade our database with minimum disruption and ensured a smooth transition to the new database platform."
- Dennis Joseph, Computer Service Manager, HSS Hire

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Dedicated Team

Highly experienced consultants combined with in-depth understanding of and access to your production environment provide continuity of service and rapid response when time means money.

Secure Service

Using your own VPN services only those Actian consultants that are identified and approved by you have access to your systems.


Periodic health checks and pro-active monitoring to identify issues before they occur maximising up-time of systems and client satisfaction.


Regular reports on performance to SLA, new features available from product releases and knowledge relevant to the account.


Need to cover staff absences, perform a disaster recovery, perform upgrades while supporting existing systems or provide 24 x 7 systems management; an Actian Managed Service can be tailored to suit.

Monitoring and Alerting

Using an enhanced version of the Actian EMA Actian can respond to issues and problems in a timely manner, often before your clients know there was a problem


Using our in-depth knowledge of our products we can automate many of the day-to-day tasks often overlooked thus reducing the risk of critical tasks being forgotten.

Endless Options

Your business is your puzzle; piece together the Managed Service you need.

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