Managed Services

Managed Services are focused on maximising the availability of your Actian based systems and realising the full potential of your investment in Actian. We achieve this goal by tailoring the service to meet your business needs. Whatever form that service takes we work pro-actively to prevent problems from occurring and react immediately with skilled people who know your environment if a non-preventable problem does occur.

Why choose a Managed Service?

Managed Services ensure the on-going, optimal operation of your databases environments and ensure the successful implementation of change. Our proven approach to delivering support and consulting services also delivers true value in a way that ensures costs are controlled at all times.

Managed Support

A dedicated team of highly experienced Actian Consultants supporting your Actian systems, with in-depth understanding of and access to your production environment(s). The team provides continuity of service and rapid response, and when “time means money” that is invaluable. Managed Support is also a proactive service that helps ensure performance and service levels are maintained. Regular reviews and monitoring and close working relationship with your staff ensures growth and change are managed and implemented seamlessly.
Delivered as a fixed price, fixed term service to control costs and maximize your ROI.

Remote DBA

Remote Database Administration Service (rDBA) - This type of service is separate from Managed Support and can be provided on a full-time basis or as a stop gap for customers, for instance when their DBA is on holiday. Each rDBA service is tailored to the customer’s needs and the work is aimed at reducing risk, ensuring the database is stable and keeping costs to a minimum. Typically tasks will include installation, configuration, patches and upgrades of Ingres, tasks related to backups, checkpoints and changes to the database schema for application changes, replication set-up and maintenance etc.

However, The Actian rDBA Service is not just about managing the existing environment. It is geared to helping you evolve an existing environment through our customized service delivery planning sessions that assist you in analysing your current IT infrastructure problems, determining your data needs and setting priorities relative to your overall IT environment.

Collaboration is the key

Our consultants work with you to design a service that meets your unique needs, custom-designing a solution to ensure you get maximum advantage from your Actian technology. All our services include an element of knowledge transfer to help ensure your staff continue to make best use of Ingres.

Managed Services

A database is one of many complex components within your enterprise infrastructure. Typically it underpins mission critical business applications meaning optimal configuration and tuning of the database is paramount to ensuring your Service Level Agreements with the business are achieved.

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