What is the Actian Customer Portal and what does it provide for me?

Actian Customer Portal is a 24×7 online product support application. You can open new support cases, check the status and update existing ones, search the Actian Knowledge Base to obtain help or improve your Actian product knowledge, and log ideas on what you want to see in upcoming releases. You can access our online system here: https://support.actian.com/

Can I download software and patches from the customer portal?

Yes. The customer portal has integrated key components from the support pages on actian.com and you will have direct access to software downloads, support policies, product compatibility matrixes, and contacting support via phone, if required.

How do I create a login to access the customer portal?

To access the customer portal you need to be registered on supportservices.actian.com. You can complete the initial registration here. Reminder that your email must be a company email, and not gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.

Note that you can download software and log cases with Actian support only if you are a paying customer and only if you have entered in your profile your 7 digit account number. This account number is unique for each company and it ties your login to that company and of course that company’s support contract and purchased software.

You can still access the customer portal if you are not a paying customer, but you will only have limited tabs available. You can only search the public Knowledge base and you cannot download software or log support cases.

After you complete your initial registration an email will be immediately sent requiring you to activate your registration. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder or check with your IT if they block the actian.com domain. You can also try to resend the activation email here.

Once your initial registration is complete, and you have activated your account, an Actian Customer Portal account will be created for you as long as you entered your account number in your registration. You will receive a notification once your enrollment has been completed. You can then download software here, or log a support case here.

Why do I get an error that says: Your account XXXXXXX is not enabled for Customer Portal Access.

If you are sure you are entering your account number XXXXXXX correctly, then please contact community.admin@actian.comso we can correct the problem

I don’t recognize the account name listed when I register. What should I do?

Actian records may include account identification information (for example, account information relating to a legal entity that your company is associated with) that differs from account information that customers may typically use in the course of business. For questions regarding your account name, please contact community.admin@actian.com

How do I change my username or email address?

You can email community.admin@actian.com for assistance.

What should I do if I forgot my username and/or password?

Click on the Forgot Username or Lost Password in this page

Why did I not get an email when I reset my password?

Check your junk mail folder and make sure your IT does not block actian.com. If you’re still having problems, email community.admin@actian.com for assistance.

What should I do if I am having trouble logging into the customer portal?

Sometimes clearing your browser cache can resolve the problem. Otherwise you can email community.admin@actian.com for assistance or call us to report the problems you are experiencing.

Why do I get an error that says: “Your current account does not provide access to this content” when I’m trying to download a product?

This means that you are not a licensed customer in our system. This can be caused by your registration not having your company number to tie the download to what you purchased. First login and verify that you have entered your valid 7-digit account number. If not, update your enrollment to include your authorized 7-digit account number. If the problem persists then it might mean that our records are not up to date (new customer, in between renewals, etc) in which case you should email community.admin@actian.com for assistance.

Can I submit an email to open a new case?

To provide the best support experience, Actian customers can use either the Actian technical support portal or phone to open a technical support case. The Actian technical support portal offers customers an efficient, seamless process for submitting and managing cases by requesting the information the technical support expert will need to resolve the case. Please note that if you send an email request, you will receive an automated email reply redirecting you to the technical support portal and the technical support phone lines. Note: You can respond via email to an existing issue as long as you do not change the subject line so the system knows what issue to post the updates to.

Can I open a severity 1 issue via the Customer Portal?

Not yet. We are in the process of implementing new software that will allow you to log a severity 1 case via the portal, but for now you must call us if you experience a production outage so we can engage a support engineer to assist you immediately. The contact numbers can be found here

Can I attach files to my cases?

Yes. You can attach files by clicking on the Attach Files button. You can attach files through the section called Case Files by clicking Upload File(s). Note: If you have multiple files, you can create a folder by clicking Create Folder, and then put the files in there.

Can I see my colleagues’ cases in the support portal?

Yes, click on Cases and then select from the dropdown: All Open Cases

Can I get notified when a colleague’s case is updated?

Your colleague listed in the case is the only one that will get the notifications. If you wish to receive updates on all cases for all the members of your team, you can contact community.admin@actian.com so we can setup a general account for you with an email address belonging to a group in your company’s email server. This way when an update is sent to e.g. dbateamlogin (which has an email address of dbateam@company.com), then an email will be sent to that email group and all the members of that group in your company will get the notifications.

What are Ideas in the Customer Portal?

Enhancements are no longer managed as individual cases in the system but as “Ideas” in the new Idea Center. The Idea Center is available to all customers on a support subscription or contract. It lets you see the ideas that all Actian customers have posted, vote on an existing idea, and add any clarifications. This allows us to better understand what our customers want and to make future plans based on the most requested and voted on topics.

What browser is recommended for usage with the customer portal?

You can use Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 9, 10, and 11, Apple® Safari® version 8.x on Mac OS X, and Microsoft® Edge for Windows® 10. The most recent stable versions of Mozilla® Firefox® and Google Chrome™ are also supported. If you are experiencing any problems, please try a different browser.