OpenROAD and Enterprise Access Specific FAQs

Actian X (Ingres) Specific FAQs


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License Key Manager

The interface that allows customers the capability of managing their own license keys. Accessible via the customer portal at https://communities.actian.com

License Key Generator

Part of the License Key Manager that actually allows a customer to generate their licenses.

General Licensing Questions

What versions of Enterprise Access (EA) does this impact?

New versions released in 2020:

EA 11.0

EA 11.1

What versions of OpenROAD (OR) does this impact?

New versions released in 2020:

OR 11.0

OR 11.1

What products/components does this impact?

  • OpenROAD Server
  • OpenROAD Development (Workbench)
  • Enterprise Access to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Enterprise Access to ODBC
  • Enterprise Access to Oracle

Does this impact OpenROAD 6.2?


Does this impact Enterprise Access 3.0?


Does this impact OpenROAD Runtime?


Does this impact OpenROAD Loadnrun?

The client piece is not impacted.
It does impact the server piece, which relies on the OpenROAD Server.

Why is Actian changing the licensing mechanism?

The updated licensing mechanism is part of an Actian-wide initiative to consolidate and streamline our licensing infrastructure and to tie it more closely to our 360 degree customer support systems. Actian’s objective for this licensing update is to ensure that all deployments are valid and that all customers have licenses that fit their business requirements. Ensuring valid licenses means that customers know exactly what their deployments should be and that Actian support focuses its resources on licensed installations. Our number one priority is to deliver this transition with no business disruption to customers.

What changes are being made to licensing?

Only the mechanism for licensing is changing – licensing policy is unchanged. With the updated mechanism, licenses will be server specific and will have a start date and an expiration date. Customers will create licenses on the Customer Portal and utilities for license file creation and test will be included in patches and future releases. A new license will need to be generated each year (matching the annual subscription).

What versions of Actian X (Ingres) will be affected?

10.x and later.

What planning do I need to do for my installation?

Actian will send email notifications when the License Key Manager is available for testing. You will be able to login to the Actian Customer portal and get familiar with using the lichostinfo program to display the host details needed to complete the license generation and license.xml file delivery process on the portal. This will allow you to confirm in advance of applying patches that include the license upgrade that an instance of has a valid license.

Am I required to update my copies of with these licensing changes?

The customer’s obligation to update their deployments to adopt the latest licensing features is determined by their contract. Actian recommends the update because it will be easier to keep track of and manage licenses. If you have questions about your contract, contact your Account Manager.

How do I get access to the License Key Manager?

Customers will use their existing customer portal login at https://communities.actian.com. The License Key Generator page will be accessible to all users who have an account with active purchased product records as a result of a valid contract with Actian Corporation. When the License Key Manager page becomes available customers with a current contract will receive an email with access instructions.

How do I create a login if I don’t have one yet? And, how can I download product and patches?

  • To get you started you will need your Account number which is a 7-byte unique Salesforce.com identifier.
  • To download the software you must be registered:
  • Complete initial actian.com registration here.
  • An email will be immediately sent requiring you activate your registration.
  • Once your account is activated you can download the software here.
  • Once your initial registration is complete, and you have activated your account, an Actian Customer Portal account will be created for you as long as you entered the above account number in your registration. You will receive a notification once your enrollment has been completed.
  • Actian Customer Portal is a 24×7 online product support application for Actian customers. Customers can open new issues, check the status and update existing issues, as well as search the Actian Knowledge Base to obtain help or improve your Actian knowledge. You can access our online system here.

I need to be able to license for a higher number of cores during peak periods. How do I do this?

Contact your account manager or Sales_ingresDB@actian.com.

Where do I install the license.xml file?

The license.xml file can be placed in any directory to which has access. The file owner and/or permissions of the license.xml file must allow the installation owner to read the file. When licensing is fully activated, patch and base installers will prompt for the directory and store it in the configuration file (config.dat). The cilickchk utility takes an absolute path as a parameter and can be used to validate an installed license file before Licensing is fully activated.

Can I put all of my license files in one place or file?

A single location can be used for licenses as long as the individual license.xml files are concatenated into a single license.xml file. To concatenate keys you need to following the instructions in this detailed knowledge document.

Will start without a valid license?

No. If the machine finger print does not match, the number of cores has been exceeded, the license file content has been edited or the license is not valid for any other reason will not start up. The only exception is an expired license that is otherwise valid and is within the 30 day grace period.

I have a contract for less cores than there on my host because I am using core affinity but licensing reports that I am not licensed for enough cores. What do I do?

Many core affinity mechanisms provide a preferred set of cores and do not strictly limit the execution of a program to the defined subset of cores. As such may run on more cores than those specified by the core affinity mechanism you are using. Licensing will require a license for the total number of cores available on your host. If you have an existing core affinity agreement in place please your account manager or Sales_ingresDB@actian.com.

Licensing Details

What is the process for creating a new license?

Customers will access the self-service License Key Manager in the Actian Customer Portal (https://support.actian.com) to create license files. The license info utility (lichostinfo) will provide the information (for example, the correct number of cores) needed to input into the fields on the License Key Generator page so that the license file can be generated. This utility can be downloaded through the customer portal or directly at http://esd.actian.com/product/Ingres/Ingres_Licensing_Utilities. The License Key Generator can create, replace or transfer licenses to other installations. The portal will track and enable reporting on all of these activities.

What value must I enter in field ‘License Usage’ and what is it for ?

This is a free text field that allows the user to add a reference or comment that will be meaningful to the user. A project name, end customer name or application name for example.

How do I get an eval license?

Contact Actian Sales at Sales_ingresDB@actian.com.

Can a license order for multiple cores be split across multiple machines?

Yes, customers are permitted to create multiple licenses against an order as long as the number of cores represented in the licenses created is not more than the purchased number of cores.

Can licenses be moved from one machine to another?

No. Because licenses are specific to a server, lichostinfo output must be entered into the License Manager to create a new license on each machine. If you are moving your installation from one machine to another then you need to replace your existing license key with a new license key using the ‘replace’ option within the customer portal.

What happens when licenses expire?

60 days prior to expiration, the license check will start writing warning messages to the log file (visible to DBA’s but not ‘normal’ users). The DBA will also be able to configure to send email notifications to a list of recipients. Once past the expiration date, the warnings state that the software will stop working 30 days past the expiration date and will count down the number of days remaining. At 30 days past the expiration date, is paused until a new license is installed. No new sessions or transactions can be initiated. Transactions in progress will be paused until a valid license is detected. When a valid license is installed, paused transactions will be automatically resumed. Does not need to be shut down to install a new license file.

Do I need to generate a new license each time my current license expires?

Yes. Licenses will expire at the end of a subscription period. Actian will send fulfilment letters as part of the renewal process. Customers will generate new licenses for the subscription renewal period. Once the new licensing is in place, will require a valid license to start.

How does licensing work in a virtual environment?

Licensing treats a virtual machine as if it was a physical machine. Each Virtual Machine will require its own license file just as if it were a physical machine.

I’m running in a cluster. How does this need to be licensed?

Needs to be licensed for each machine it will run on. That remains true if the machines are part of an OS cluster. In an active-active clustered installation all hosts need to be licensed as production hosts. In an Active-Passive Cluster or an OS cluster in which is only actively running on one node at a time, one host must be licensed for production and the remaining hosts must be licensed for hot-standby.

I’m running on a Hardware-Threaded (e.g. Hyper-Threaded) system and lichostinfo reports threads instead of cores. What should I do?

If you are running on a Hardware-Threaded system, contact your account manager to discuss how to set up your license.

Do I need to pay for a license on a DR server?

Yes. Hot-Standby is changed at full price and Cold-Standby is charged at 50%. DR servers need a license file as the server ‘fingerprint’ will be different to that of the production server so the license file won’t migrate.

How is licensing a DR server different from an HA server?

High Availability/Failover servers (currently licensed on an ING-HS-…. product code) require fully paid licenses. The distinction is that DR servers are not powered up until the production system fails so the installation is never active at the same time as the production server whereas a HA or failover system is powered up all the time and the installation is actively being kept in synch with the production server.

Do I need a license on a client only installation?

No. License are only required on server installations.

Will my license remain valid if I upgrade my instance?

License.xml files will remain valid (as long as the server hasn’t been changed) with all currently supported versions. For example, if a license file is created for an instance of 10.0, that license file will be valid if the instance is upgraded to 10.2. If the instance is being upgraded to a version of that was not available when the license was created, the license will need to be replaced.

How should I manage licensing for hardware or OS upgrades?

Contact your account manager to discuss your upgrade testing requirements and to determine if you need a temporary license for the test period. If you use a temporary license for testing the upgrade, you will need to replace the original production license with one for the new hardware/OS.

Will my license be affected by a NIC change?

The lichostinfo utility automatically detects the use of multiple NICs and generates a license key that will remain valid even if the host is rebooted and the NIC order changes. If all of the NICs in a machine are replaced, the license will need to be replaced.

Will licensing affect pricing?

No, pricing is unaffected by the licensing update.

I have installed the DBMS package into a client install in order to use utilities like copydb over Net. I am not running an DBMS on the client but the patch and release installers now ask for a valid license on my client install. What do I do?

Setup of the DBMS package will hang without a valid license file. This is why the base installers prompt for a valid license before installing the DBMS package. Without a valid license the DBMS package will not start. If you are only using utilities such as copydb from a client installation you will need an evaluation license to be able to install the utilities that form part of the DBMS package when installing from a base release. Contact your account manager or Sales_ingresDB@actian.com to obtain an evaluation license. Patch installers will prompt for a valid license the first time a license enabled patch is installed. To prevent this prompt run “iisetres ii.HOSTNAME.config. license_dir DIRNAME” where HOSTNAME is the hostname as it appears in other config.dat entries for the host and DIRNAME is a valid directory path for your operating system. This will not allow you to run DBMS without a valid license. It will allow you to patch DBMS utilities such as copydb without a valid license. The startup counts for DBMS Server and Star Server should be changed to zero on a “client” install. Longer term Actian Engineering will separate DBMS utilities such as copydb from the core DBMS package.

I have multiple installations running on the same host. Do they need separate license keys?

No. It is licensed by host. The same license.xml can be used by all installations on the same host as long as the relevant version number of each installation is present in the license.xml. The license.xml can be copied to an installation specific directory and each installation configured to point to its own copy of the license.xml or all installations can be configured to point to a single directory containing a single copy of the license.xml.


Who should I contact for licensing support?

Contact your Actian Account Executive, the Actian Partner you have purchased your product through, or email Sales_ingresDB@actian.com with any licensing problems.

What if I can’t generate a new license when my current license has expired?

Contact Actian sales at Sales_ingresDB@actian.com and ask for a temporary license or an extension to your existing license. Temporary and extension licenses are 30-days plus a 30-day grace period. Because the new licensing starts delivering warning messages 60 days before pausing, these licenses will generate warning messages as soon as they are installed.

How can a license become invalidated?

There are only a few ways an updated license can become invalid. They include increasing the number of cores on a server and deleting, moving or changing the license.xml file.

What happens if my license becomes invalidated while running?

A running installation that detects changes that invalidate the license will continue to run for three days before pausing. A new license can be generated and added during this period, or the machine can be returned to its original configuration. Licensing error messages in the errlog.log can be used to help identify the reason why the license file has been invalidated. If necessary the license.xml file can be recovered by downloading a copy from the License Manager.

I am getting an error when trying to create a new license for a number of cores that is less than or equal to my remaining cores. What should I do?

Contact Sales_ingresDB@actian.com.

How do I find out why License Check has failed?

Check the errlog.log for licensing errors. If the license file has not been modified will generate specific error messages for specific failures.

I’m an OEM, will I need to generate individual licenses for each host at each of my customer sites?

Contact your account manager or Sales_ingresDB@actian.com

Why does the customer need a new license when installing a new version that wasn’t available at the time when their current license file was created?

Customers are allowed to upgrade under their license agreement. They are not allowed to move back to Extended Support versions unless they have paid Extended Support fees. For this reason licenses are generated based on the version the customer paid for plus all existing forward versions of . A version number must exist in SalesForce before it can be used for license keys. If a customer upgrades to a version that did not exist when they generated their key they must regenerate their license key in the customer portal.