OpenROAD Application Server and EClient for Developers

Code: OReServer
Days: 3
OpenROAD Version: 6.2

OpenROAD Application Server is a major enhancement of OpenROAD, enabling web or other applications written in Java, .net, XML/HTML, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Excel, OpenROAD itself, and other front-end languages, to integrate the facilities of OpenROAD UserClasses and Procedures and database connectivity via a shared Application Server. It is highly scaleable and extremely resilient.
OpenROAD eClient is a deployment of OpenROAD applications within a webbrowser, automatically downloaded and installed: able to run completely within the browser, hosted by but independent of the browser, or completely standalone.

You will learn:

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand and assess the role that Application Server and eClient can fulfill in your organisation
  • Develop, debug, deploy and maintain highly scaleable Application Servers that deliver business functionality efficiently and handle all the database interaction
  • Implement user-interfaces in VB, ASP, JSP, and OpenROAD with efficient and clean data-and functionality-sharing with the Application Server.
  • Implement load-sharing and connection-sharing at startup and runtime
  • Maintain, monitor and update your applications through the Visual ASA management tool
  • Develop, deploy and maintain eClient versions of your OpenROAD applications that automatically download, install and update the application, and provide integration with or independence of the user's webbrowser.

Course Style

This course provides you with all the knowledge and skill you need to:

  • Develop and deploy OpenROAD applications to run
    • on Application Server
    • as eClients.
  • Maintain existing Application Server and eClient applications
  • Provide high-quality, low-cost web interfaces for your existing applications and database data
  • Assess the cost-benefit of OpenROAD-based web deployment compared to other technologies

The course is a mixture of lecture and demonstrations with hands-on practical exercises for all key topics.

Who Should Attend

All application developers looking to develop or port their applications to a web-enabled environment, while exploiting the power, Object-orientation, and integration of OpenROAD for their business functionality.


Attendance on the OpenROAD course (OpenROAD for Application Development and Maintenance) or equivalent experience is required.

Key Topics

Days 1-2

  • Key Application Server concepts, structures, and interfaces
  • Connecting to Application Server from Visual Basic, ASP,Java, OpenROAD
  • Application Server Architectures
  • Application Server Database handling
  • The Application Nameserver
  • Developing, debugging and error-handling the Application Server
  • Deploying and Managing the Application Server
  • Conversion and Implementation issues

Day 3

  • eClient architectures
  • Building an eClient
  • Deploying an eClient
  • Interacting with the local environment
  • Interacting with Application Server