Introduction to the Ingres / ActianX Product and Ingres SQL

Code: IngresSQL
Days: 5
Ingres Version: ActianX (11.0)

You will learn:

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles and importance of Relational Databases
  • Explore each of the principal Ingres database and development tools
  • Understand the principles and importance of industrial-strength SQL
  • Make full use of all the retrieval features of Ingres SQL
  • Make full use of all the data-change features of Ingres SQL
  • Make full use of all the database-management features of Ingres SQL
  • Make full use of Ingres Database Procedures, Rules, Events, Integrity features

Course Style

This course provides you with all the knowledge and skill you need to:

  • use Ingres SQL in your batch interfaces, reporting, ad-hoc querying, applications
  • undertake the Ingres Application Development and Database Management courses
  • understand and assess the role of Ingres in your organisation.

It has 3 sections: day 1 focuses on Ingres principles and hands-on experience of all the Ingres database and development tools; days 2-4 cover all the essential aspects of Ingres SQL; day 5 covers Database procedures, rules, events, and integrity features.
The course is a mixture of lecture and demonstrations with hands on practical exercises for all key topics.

Who Should Attend

This course is an essential prerequisite for anyone undertaking other Ingres training: IngresDBM, OpenROAD, IngresABF, ReportWriter, Performance. Others who will benefit from attendance on this course are:

  • Managers or IT staff who need to understand or assess the Ingres principles, tools and capabilities (for those who only need this, attendance on Day 1 is sufficient).
  • IT or other staff who need to use Ingres SQL to retrieve or change their database data.
  • Database or development staff who need to work with Ingres database procedures, rules, events, integrities.


No knowledge of Ingres or SQL is assumed.

Key Topics

Day 1: Ingres Overview

  • Introduction to Ingres
  • Relational Concepts and Ingres
  • Ingres Basic Tools: ISQL, Tables, QBF, ReportWriter
  • Ingres Visual Tools: VSQL, IVM, VDBA, IMP
  • Ingres Development Tools: OpenROAD, ABF/Vision

Day 2-4: Ingres SQL

  • Controlling output
  • Restricting rows
  • Functions
  • Combining Tables
  • Sub-queries
  • Views, unions and outer joins
  • Building tables
  • Inserts, Updates and Deletes
  • Importing and exporting data from Ingres
  • Transaction processing

Day 5: Ingres Server SQL

  • Database procedures
  • Rules
  • Database Events
  • Integrity

Next Course

Either Managing Ingres Databases (IngresDBM), Developing OpenROAD Applications (OpenROAD), Developing ABF Applications (IngresABF) or Reporting Ingres Data (ReportWriter).

Class Dates

Start Date City Country
13-jan-2020 Egham UK
17-feb-2020 APAC Australia
11-may-2020 APAC Australia
11-may-2020 Egham UK
13-jul-2020 APAC Australia
07-sep-2020 APAC Australia
07-sep-2020 Egham UK