Optimizing Ingres / ActianX Performance

Code: Performance
Days: 5
Version: 10.0 and ActianX (11.0)

You will learn:

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the performance issues associated with Ingres
  • Diagnose, prevent and remove performance problems and build more efficient database systems

Course Style

The focus of this course is on discussions regarding factors that affect performance in Ingres. A wide range of topics are covered ranging from database and application design to installation tuning.

Who Should Attend

This course is for Database Designers, Database, and System Administrators and Developers responsible for the implementation of high performance Ingres systems.


Managing Ingres Installations and Databases (IngresDBM) or OpenROAD/ABF Application Development and Maintenance (OpenROAD, IngresABF), plus several months experience.

Key Topics

  • Performance diagnostic strategy
  • Storage structures, Secondary indexes and Compression
  • Data loading
  • Physical database design: Selecting keys, Controlled redundancy, Horizontal and vertical fragmentation
  • Optimization: Statistics, Simple Benchmarks, Query performance diagnostics, Query execution plans, Query flattening
  • Transaction design: Locking and concurrency, Relational thinking, Cursor performance, Select loops, Repeated queries
  • Database procedures and rules
  • Data validation
  • Temporary table management
  • Installation tuning: Logging System, Locking System, DBMS Server tuning, eg. DMF, QSF
  • Installation tuning (CBF) tools
  • Interactive Performance Monitor (IPM) tools
  • Ingres Management Architecture (IMA) tools: IMP, Visual DBA, SQL scripts
  • Operating system considerations

Class Dates

Start Date City Country
21-oct-2019 APAC Australia
18-nov-2019 APAC Australia
25-may-2020 APAC Australia
20-jul-2020 APAC Australia
14-sep-2020 APAC Australia
26-oct-2020 APAC Australia
16-nov-2020 APAC Australia