Ingres / ActianX 1-Day Overview

Code: IngresOverview
Days: 1
Ingres Version: ActianX (11.0)

You will learn:

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles and advantages of Ingres's fully relational approach
  • Understand the principles and importance of industrial-strength SQL
  • Have hands-on experience of the key Ingres tools and capabilities for database and installation management, business application development and use, and integration with web, Java, .net and other technologies.
  • Assess the capabilities of Ingres within your organisation

Course Style

The course is a mixture of lecture and demonstrations with hands on practical exercises for all key topics. It can also be run as a seminar (lecture and demonstrations only) if required.

Who Should Attend

Managers or IT staff who need to understand or assess the Ingres principles, tools and capabilities. This course is the prerequisite first day of the IngresSQL training.


No knowledge of Ingres or SQL is assumed.

Key Topics

  • Introduction to Ingres
  • Relational Concepts and Ingres
  • Ingres Basic Tools: ISQL, Tables, QBF, ReportWriter
  • Ingres Visual Tools: Visual SQL, Visual Manager, Visual DBA, Configuration Manager, Performance Manager
  • Ingres Development and business Tools: OpenROAD, Server & EClient, ABF/Vision
  • Ingres connectivity: Java, .net, ODBC, IngresNet, Web

Next Course

This course is the prerequisite first day of the IngresSQL training.

Class Dates

Start Date City Country
13-jan-2020 Egham UK
17-feb-2020 APAC Australia
11-may-2020 APAC Australia
11-may-2020 Egham UK
13-jul-2020 APAC Australia
07-sep-2020 APAC Australia
07-sep-2020 Egham UK