Application Development in Ingres: ABF

Code: ABF
Days: 4

You will learn:

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Use the ABF development environment to develop or maintain applications
  • Create screens using the Visual Forms Editor (Vifred)
  • Write efficient 4GL code
  • Write efficient applications which adopt appropriate locking strategies

Course Style

This course introduces the ABF development environment and guides delegates through the development of an application using the Actian Visual Forms Editor (Vifred) and Actian/4GL. It starts by creating an application using simple frames and gradually adds more complex frames. The course uses lectures and demonstrations and extensive practical work.

Who Should Attend

Developers who have to write or maintain ABF applications.


Introduction to the Ingres Product And Ingres SQL (IngresSQL)

Key Topics

  • creating forms
  • editing form fields
  • creating frames
  • 4GL operation types
  • messages
  • error handling
  • loops
  • submenus
  • repeated queries
  • activation blocks and validation
  • changing form properties dynamically
  • records and array processing
  • tablefield processing
  • master/ detail processing
  • passing parameters
  • calling procedures
  • global variables and constants
  • built in procedures

Next Course

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