Actian Zen (PSQL) Support Levels

Actian Zen (PSQL) Support Levels

Product Support Offerings

A. Per Incident Support

The single support incident is the affordable option when support needs are few and far between. Per incident can be delivered by initiating a case here or by calling Actian. To purchase support incidents via telephone please call Actian at 800-287-4383 Option 1 (for Sales) and Option 2 (for Database). Note: Actian provides ONE free support incident within 30 days of purchase for a PSQL license.

B. Bundled Support

Services Description Bronze Support Silver Support Gold Support Platinum Support
Knowledge Base Access 24X7 Access to our comprehensive Knowledge Base
Customer-Designated Support Liaisons Support Liaisons are the individuals designated by the customer with the authorization to interface with Actian Support Engineering Staff 2 2 5 Unlimited
Case Management Cases Management is the number of questions which can be initiated, excluding actual software problems. 5 10 30 Unlimited
Response Time Management Response time management is the time it will take our support engineers to engage you on a reported case. 6 hours (critical) 24 hours (non-critical) 6 hours (critical) 24 hours (non-critical) 4 hours (critical) 12 hours (non-critical) 2 hours (critical) 6 hours (non-critical)
Business Hours Access Customers receive support during normal business hours of 9AM – 5PM CST
24x7x365 Critical Support Customers receive 24X7X365 access to Actian Support Engineering Staff
Direct Support Engineers Customers are able to directly access Actian Support Engineers