Actian OpenROAD Support Levels

Product Support Lifecycle Policy

This policy explains Actian Corporation’s product support lifecycle policy. Whether purchased directly from Actian, or from Actian partners or resellers, these policies are designed to standardize product lifecycle expectancies and assist you in developing your internal release implementation and migration plans. Actian Corporation strives to provide the best quality Software and Support Services. In order to provide best in class software solutions, Actian has defined a predictable Product Support Lifecycle Policy to give you plenty of lead-time to plan and manage your upgrade and release processes.

Lifecycle Phases

Actian provides distinct product development phases and synchronized product support lifecycle offerings. By understanding these phases, you are better able to plan for your software support needs and your migration timeframes. The term General Availability (GA) is key to understanding each lifecycle phase and starts the clock.

Lifecycle Stage Term
General Availability Years 1-5
Extended Availability Years 6-10
Obsolescence Years 11-15
  • GA status is:
    • Achieved when a product is available for purchase or production upgrade
    • The most current release of your Actian product

NOTE: The above product lifecycle stages do not apply to the HVR product.

HVR Product Lifecycle policy is; support of a major HVR version (such as HVR 4.4) for 3 years after release date, and a specific minor version (such as HVR 4.4.1 or HVR 4.4.1/3) for 2 years after release date.

Any policy exceptions to the duration would be provided through additional notification through Actian support service delivery infrastructure.

Product Support Offerings

Support Offering Term
Gold Support General Availability
Extended Support Extended Availability
Obsolescence Support Extended Availability

Gold Support

Gold Support includes:

IT Service Process Description
Customer-Designated Support Liaisons Support Liaisons are the individuals designated by the customer with the authorization to interface with Actian Support Engineering Staff. Gold support is entitled to 5 designated contacts.
Knowledge Base Access 24X7 Access to our comprehensive Knowledge Base, which includes over 15,000 Tech Notes
Multi-Channel Communication Customers can contact Actian Support by phone or online
24×7 Online Case Management Access our customer support site to manage your Service Requests, search the extensive Ingres knowledgebase, determine supported product configurations, product documentation, and more.
24x7x365 Critical Supporti Customers receive 24X7X365 access to Actian Support Engineering Staff for Severity 1.
Collaborative Support You can engage our expert Ingres Customer Support Engineers to diagnose and troubleshoot your issue through our secure virtual desktop sharing solution.
New Software Releases and Updates Customers receive access to the latest versions of Actian software and Documentation

i 24X7X365 Technical Support is available for Severity 1 issues as defined in the Actian Support Policies here and is available in English Only. During non-business hours, Actian’s 24X7 support engineers will stabilize the customer application or find a suitable workaround, but final determination for root cause may extend to our regular business hours when all resources are available.

Gold Support is available for all currently licensed Actian OpenROAD products.

Extended Support

Extended Support is available from year 6 after a major version is released to year 10 after GA release. There is an additional charge (2x) for this level of support. Extended Support is the same as Standard Support with the following exceptions:

* No certification with any new or different products/services.

* No support for migrations of extended support versions to new or different hardware or operating systems.

* Code fixes/patches will no longer be developed.

Obsolescence Support

Years 11 to 15: This phase indicates that the extended support offering has expired and as such, code fixes will no longer be developed. Reasonable efforts will be provided for online support and access to existing releases and their software updates is available for 3 years through Obsolescence Support. There is an additional charge (2.5x) for this level of support.

Post-Obsolescence Support

Years 16 and beyond: Actian Corporation at its discretion will offer continuation of Obsolescence Support upon review of each account accordingly. There is an additional charge (3x) for this level of support.