Actian Business Xchange Support Levels

Support is a critical factor in any integration service deployment. Your vendor should be ready to stand behind you and be there when you need help. Actian understands the importance of having support that meets your needs.

Benefits of Support Plans

  • Support specializes in answering questions related to Actian Business Xchange’s service
  • Support can assist customers with a large variety of transaction types, file structures, and connection methods
  • Flexible support channels:
    • Option 1: Email support
    • Option 2: Telephone access
  • Support engineers specialized in their fields: connectivity, mapping, implementation
  • Defined response times for Critical and Non-Critical issues
  • Available 24/7 support for Critical issues and Platinum support customers
  • Available direct access to senior level technical support engineers
  • Toll free phone access in most areas

Support Offerings

Actian Business Xchange offers customers in the Americas two levels of support: Standard and Platinum. The benefits and features of the Platinum level are tailored to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

Services Description Standard Support Platinum Support
WebDI Account 24X7 Access to our comprehensive Knowledge Base
Dedicated Senior Level Support Engineers Customers are able to directly access Actian Support Engineers
Business Hours Customers receive support during normal business hours of 8AM – 5PM CST
Extended Business Hours Customers receive support during normal business hours of 8AM – 8PM CST
24x7x365 Critical Support Customers receive 24X7X365 access to Actian Support Engineering Staff
Email Access Provides you with support to answer your questions via email.
Telephone Access Provides you with additional support to answer your questions via telephone.
Response Time Management Response time management is the time it will take our support engineers to engage you on a reported case. 4 hours (critical) 24 hours (non-critical) 2 hours (critical, 24/7) 6 hours (non-critical)