Verite Group

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Verite Group

Versant powers Verite Groups Netscope product - a network intelligence application empowering network providers, analysts, engineers, and security personnel with the ability to identify, target, and monitor network


In order to finish development of a new product, Verite Group needed to find a database management system (DBMS) that could handle the challenges of their new IP session packet reconstruction application. Due to the solution’s handling of large and complex data, Verite required a DBMS that would keep computational costs down, require minimal specialized developer knowledge and be capable of efficiently handling the strains of scaling to which commercial and government customers would invariably subject the system.


The Versant Object Database (VOD) provided Verite with the engine they needed, and on this they built Netscope, a combination that allows for easy scaling to meet customer needs without overly taxing CPU or disk usage.


During head-to-head benchmarking between VOD and other object databases, the VOD-powered Netscope tool processed data captures twice as fast with minimal computational resource needs. The Verite Group Netscope product was released in late 2010.

About Verite Group

Verite Group is both a software product development company and a consultancy, specializing in mission-critical systems, reverse engineering of hundreds of network application protocols, and developing tools for complex data and network analysis. The company works with customers to understand their operational challenges, constraints and requirements, and to develop solutions to protect sensitive assets and identify potential adversaries. Projects often include secure communications, detailed protocol analysis and customized analytical tools.