Siemens AG

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Siemens AG

Siemens AG - Industry Automation, meets legal regulations, high product quality, and high product performance over time for the automation of batch processes in chemical, pharmaceutical, and food


Software Engineers at Siemens were looking for a database technology that would optimally match the requirements of the SIMATIC® BATCH program design. Providing an object-oriented view on models, procedures and recipes for comprehensive batch processes, SIMATIC® BATCH places high demands on system stability and performance.


Object databases by Versant met the high demands - managing the applications comprehensive object models, providing real-time capability, 24/7 availability and flexible scalability for optimal system adaption to plant size and individual requirements. The database also provides the necessary tools such as redundant replication and automatic schema versioning to support software updates while the system is up and running.


SIMATIC® BATCH uses an object database by Versant in order to manage and store automation data since 2003 - enabling manufacturers, in particular with regard to chemical, pharmaceutical or food and beverage plants to implement and control smaller, medium and even comprehensive batch processes on equal terms with varying recipes, formula parameters and control sequences.

About Siemens

Siemens Industry Automation is a worldwide leader in the fields of automation systems, industrial controls and industrial software.

Its portfolio ranges from standard products for the manufacturing and process industries to solutions for whole industrial sectors that encompass the automation of entire automobile production facilities and chemical plants. As a leading software supplier, Industry Automation optimizes the entire value added chain of manufacturers – from product design and development to production, sales and a wide range of maintenance services. For more information go to: