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Versant is the database behind innovative technology solutions for the Travel Industry.


Sabre was looking to migrate from an expensive and proprietary IBM Mainframe System, TPF, to an open system solution using an Object Oriented design approach for Origination and Destination processing, also known as Airline Inventory. The massive amount of transactional throughput made relational technology unusable within the Sabre Sonic Inventory System application, which provides real-time inventory for and several other web sites.


Versant's Extreme Performance and Extreme Complexitity capabilities directly addressed the database requirements of Sabre's increasingly complex and evolving data sets.


Advantages: small hardware footprint to support massive amount of transactions. Versant based system currently runs 50% of the transactional traffic for Sabre, with 30 airlines on the system.

About Sabre

As a world leader in the travel marketplace, Sabre Holdings merchandises and retails travel products and provides distribution and technology solutions for the travel industry. Sabre Holdings supports travelers, travel agents, corporations and travel suppliers around the world through its four companies: Travelocity, Sabre Travel Network, Sabre Airline Solutions, Sabre Hospitality Solutions.