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CRL looked to Versant to provide tensile database infrastructure in the cloud for scientific and research communities by integrating the Versant Object Database into one of the world’s fastest supercomputing platforms.


CRL (Computational Research Laboratories Ltd.), a Tata Group company is one of the first companies to provide full service provisioning of HPC (High Performance Computing) solutions in the public cloud. Many of today’s emerging HPC applications must handle complex and large volumes of data, which if not managed appropriately, may result in a serious performance bottleneck.


Integrating Versant Database Engine into CRL’s applications allows for the provisioning of end-to-end high performance solutions in a tensile (hyper-elastic performance resilient) cloud infrastructure. By doing so, CRL will provide a perfect launch pad for innovators in cutting-edge industries and expanding markets in the high performance computing space.


Versant and CRL demonstrated a Proof of Concept (POC) of the combined offering at Super Computing 2010 held in New Orleans, LA in Novermebr of 2010. In this POC, CRL’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) leveraged Versant’s database engine, running on a highly scalable Linux cluster, to demonstrate seamless performance oriented scalability of elastic database services underpinned by a tensile computing infrastructure. The live demonstration showcased sustained performance of complex analytics in the face of increasing data.

About CRL

Computational Research Laboratories (CRL) Ltd., is the world’s first company to offer HPC services in the public cloud. CRL is a member of the prestigious TATA Group and is a wholly owned subsidiary of TATA Sons Ltd. CRL provides a full portfolio of services to make it easy for organizations to exploit the full potential of HPC without the headache of long setup times and huge capital layouts. With its ‘Eka’ Supercomputing Facility, which is among the world’s largest, CRL provides cloud access all over the globe and has proven domain expertise in major HPC verticals such as Automotive, Aerospace, Life Sciences, Media and Entertainment, and Material Sciences.