China Telecom

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China Telecom

Managing a customer base of 250 million ADSL subscribers, China Telecom turns to Versant for its database management technology.


China Telecom manages a customer base of 250 million ADSL subscribers. Developing a database to store and quickly access subscriber records was a tremendous challenge. Database performance and reliability are necessary In order to provide top-level service and to support as many as 480,000 queries and 1,000 update transactions per second at peak times,

The company’s existing applications in its Shanghai branch relied on the ADSL subscriber database to provide real-time access to hundreds of thousands of account objects. The subscriber database was deployed on a relational database management system (RDBMS), which required a high-performance server that was expensive to maintain. The system was proving too cumbersome over time to keep up with the company‘s growing customer base.


China Telecom developers came up with the idea to replace the complex centralized RDBMS with a group of low-cost blade servers running an object database in a distributed service network. China Telecom turned to Versant, an industry leader in object database management software to implement this solution. The Versant Object Database provided the company‘s applications with a high performance, distributed persistent data environment.


The Versant Object Database now manages China Telecom’s ADSL account records as native objects and therefore eliminates any object-relational mapping previously needed when using an RDBMS.

The Versant Object Database has been successfully tested by China Telecom to process up to 1,000,000 queries per second. With the ability to deliver outstanding performance, distributed database capabilities and a means of adding servers as query load grew, Versant was named the best Object Database technology by China Telecom!

About China Telecom

Founded in 2002, the state-owned China Telecommunications Corp. is a leader in phone, mobile, Internet and value-added services for commercial and residential customers all over the world.

At the end of 2008, the company had 214 million terrestrial phone users, 35 million mobile phone subscribers and 47 million Internet customers. With revenue of more than 220 billion yuan and total assets of 632 billion yuan, China Telecom has been among the Top 500 global corporations for several years running.