BX Validation

Actian BX Validation allows you to check documents against custom business rules to reduce errors and rejects. Validations ensure that only correct data is sent from the Actian Business Xchange platform to the receiving party’s system.

This seamless process includes:

  • Prior to delivery, specified fields in the transaction are checked against information contained in validation tables.
  • Validation checks can also include required field checks, data type checks, in balance checks, and other more customized validations.  For example:  Does the numeric field contain a number?  Does the date field contain a date?
  • If a transaction fails validations, a detailed explanation is sent to the sending trading partner (and to you, if you specify).
  • Once corrective action is taken, the data is re-sent.
  • If a transaction passes validations, the data file is forwarded to the recipient.