Global Account Manager Perspective on BX SupplierConnect

Global Account managers play a vital role in ensuring that customer relationships are managed well and generating new and repeat business. The strength of these relationships can be negatively impacted on if orders don’t ship on time or if payments are delayed.

Challenges faced by Global Account managers

The main challenges faced by Global Account managers include the following:

  • Global Account managers are often asked by the AR team to chase overdue invoices, increasing the risk of souring a good working relationship with key customers
  • Lack of management Information and market intelligence around Days Sales Outstanding could lead to selling more products and services to clients that have terrible DO records, increasing the exposure of the business to further risk
  • Quarter performance reviews with customers should be an opportunity to improve relations, yet the frequency of negative DSO discussions does little to further better relations

Benefits of BX SupplierConnect to Global Account managers

  • As BX SupplierConnect helps drive down DSO it allows Global Account executives to focus on winning more business rather than chasing overdue invoices
  • BX SupplierConnect presents the Global Account manager with up to date DSO information and allows account executives to sell more products and services to customers with confidence
  • As BX SupplierConnect reduces DSO, and DSO figures for particular customers are on target with terms, the communication at quarterly performance reviews is more around improving performance and relations rather than DIOs and overdue invoices