CFO Perspective on BX SupplierConnect

Today’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) faces a range of challenges in fulfilling his role and accountabilities to the board and company shareholders.

CFO Specific Challenges

  • Reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Managing the company’s cash flow and working capital needs
  • Driving efficiencies and cost savings within the finance function
  • Hedging against Forex exposure
  • Ensure tax returns and associated sales tax payments are paid on time

Benefits of BX SupplierConnect to the CFO

  • BX SupplierConnect helps CFOs to continually improve Days Invoices Outstanding figure by reducing the time it takes Operators to process Invoices
  • BX SupplierConnect gives the AR team more visibility into the estimated payment status of each invoice due, providing the CFO more accuracy in planning monthly cash flows
  • BX SupplierConnect requires less time and effort throughout the Order to Cash process, resulting in a lowered cost base for finance and Accounts Receivable teams
  • BX SupplierConnect offers better visibility into payment status from Operators, meaning the CFO’s treasury team can estimate international working capital and foreign currency needs sooner and reduce the exposure to Forex risks
  • The CFO can now be assured of lower Days Sales Outstanding, avoiding the risk of cash flow shortages when quarterly sales tax returns are due