Sales Manager Perspective on BX PortalConnect


  • Due to lack of integration experience and resources on the portal providers side, often the sales revenue from new and existing customers are lower than forecasted because Portal providers cannot onboard the high number of trading partners in the customers roadmap as fast as anticipated
  • When complex integrations go wrong, sales managers often get consumed with facilitating project management discussions with clients instead of working on new opportunities, resulting in lower sales for the Portal provider
  • Often, Portals don’t onboard the smaller trading partners because the cost of integration is higher than the ROI
  • Cost per transaction for third-party Portals is usually higher due to the ratio of internal IT costs and resources and the number integrations completed
  • Portals’ IT teams are often over-worked with projects beyond their capabilities, making product enhancements and ultimately upsell efforts of the sales team suffer


The benefits of Pervasive BX PortalConnect to the Sales Manager of Third Party Portal Partners include:

  • Faster onboarding of trading partners with BX PortalConnect means the sales manager can move on to the next opportunity knowing that the last integration was a success
  • With BX PortalConnect there is a higher project success rate, meaning the sales manager’s ability to generate new and repeat business is significantly increased
  • Because BX PortalConnect broadens the Portal’s connection potential to include many more medium and small businesses, the potential for new sales increases
  • BX PortalConnect offers lower cost per transaction that could result in happier customers and more sales
  • Customers can now upsell new and improved features due to freed-up implementation teams having time to focus on business processes