Portal IT Manager Perspective on BX PortalConnect


The main challenge for third-party Portal providers is that IT resources are continually overstretched doing complex IT integration projects with Operators and Suppliers. These boil down to the following challenges for third-party Portal providers:

  • Quite often the lack of integration experience of Portal providers’ IT staff means that large amounts of resources are needed at significant internal costs
  • Speed of enablement and onboarding is always a challenge, and the time allocated to onboard Operators and Suppliers can result in increased pressure for the Portal provider IT Manager
  • Delays on the ability of a Portal provider to commence a contracted engagement for enablement or onboarding initiative often leads to frustration for customers as key milestones on their onboarding initiative are postponed
  • Quite often Portal providers have a limited range of connectivity options to offer their customers
  • If the Portal providers’ internal IT team is continually tied up, this has an associated impact on the opportunity for more Portal enhancements and product development
  • The profitability of the Portal provider is affected at the corporate level due to less efficient and productive contribution to overall cost savings by the Portal providers’ IT team

Benefits of BX PortalConnect

The benefits of Pervasive BX PortalConnect to IT Managers working within third-party Portals include:

  • Pervasive Business Xchange brings a wide range of integration experience resulting in the ability for the Portal to use BX PortalConnect to complete integrations more accurately, and more importantly, at significantly less cost
  • Because BX PortalConnect reduces Operator and Supplier onboarding times (by up to 80 percent), there is less time and associated cost for the Portal provider for each integration
  • BX PortalConnect reduces the timescale of Enablement and Onboarding to avoid delayed or postponed client engagements
  • Portal providers can Onboard a significantly higher amount of customer trading partners, generating a higher Return on Investment (ROI) from the Portal’s IT team
  • BX PortalConnect offers an expanded range of integration connectors (PIDX, EDI, XML, CSV, etc.) which broaden the Portal’s connection potential to include many more medium and small businesses
  • BX PortalConnect has the potential to free up implementation teams to focus on business processes and portal enhancement instead of being tied up with complex integration projects
  • The lower cost and higher contribution per integration with BX PortalConnect results in lower IT costs and better margins for the Portal provider