IT Manager Perspective on BX OperatorConnect

Today’s Information Technology (IT) manager has a number of key responsibilities all revolving around ensuring that the infrastructure, systems, security and business processes necessary to conduct e-Business initiatives with trading partners are both accurate and reliable, and can be installed and maintained in a cost effective manner with minimal resource or interruption.

IT Manager Specific Challenges

  • Implementing cost effective e-Business systems that enable e-Business between Operators and Suppliers
  • Finding FTEs with the necessary domain expertise to integrate with Suppliers’ systems due to disparate data formats used by different Suppliers
  • Integration projects consume staff resources that could be better spent on other projects, resulting in need for either additional IT staff or the decision to delay other pending projects
  • Successfully enabling and onboarding requires experience that may differ by customer project
  • Installing and maintaining the IT infrastructure to support various document scanning and EDI initiatives is an inefficient and costly business for IT departments

Benefits of BX OperatorConnect to IT Managers

IT Managers prefer using Pervasive BX OperatorConnect for a number of reasons:

  • Reduces the overall cost and need for internally housed and maintained B2B Systems
  • The Pervasive BX onboarding team brings the necessary experience to advise and implement automated document exchange
  • Helps automate the integration, data transmission, and data validation parts of AP processes, reducing the workload associated with such integration for the IT team
  • Improves efficiencies and frees up IT resources to focus on other initiatives due to significant cost savings from eliminating alternative EDI and paper based systems and processes
  • Reduces the need to employ high-cost EDI engineers
  • Enables on-boarding to be completed up to 80 percent faster
  • Cloud based existence eliminates the need for maintenance and support staff as well as offers significant improvements in uptime reliability