CFO Perspective on BX OperatorConnect

Today’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) faces a range of challenges in fulfilling his role and accountabilities to the board and company shareholders.

CFO Specific Challenges

  • Reducing Days Payables Outstanding (DPO)
  • Alignment of Supplier payments with terms agreed
  • Managing the company’s cash flow and working capital needs
  • Driving efficiencies and cost savings within the finance function
  • Hedging against ForEx exposure

Benefits of BX OperatorConnect to the CFO

  • Helps to continually improve Days Payables Outstanding figure by automating the transfer of electronic B2B trading documents
  • Gives improved visibility and accuracy in planning monthly cash flows because of the AP team’s visibility into the status of overdue Supplier invoices
  • Provides better visibility into when payments are due, thereby enhancing the accuracy of planning working capital needs for the accounts payable team
  • Results in a lowered cost base for finance and AP teams through a combination of lower costs per transaction and lower costs associates with validation and rework
  • ForEx risks can be mitigated due to low Days Payables Outstanding and more clarity around cash flow needs on a Supplier-by-Supplier basis