AP Manager Perspective on BX OperatorConnect

The Accounts Payable (AP) manager has a number of key responsibilities that all revolve around ways of improving and reporting on all aspects of the P2P cycle.

AP Manager Specific Challenges

  • Reduction of AP Team costs through the elimination of unproductive time spent chasing purchase orders
  • Managing overdue Supplier payments to align with agreed payment terms
  • Reducing the amount of time that AP teams spend on unnecessary Supplier communication updates
  • Balancing AP team workloads to ensure strategic accounting and cash flow tasks are managed and accomplished
  • Preparing accurate month-end reports to the CFO on the status of DPO figures for each Supplier

Benefits of BX OperatorConnect to the AP Manager

Pervasive BX OperatorConnect provides the following benefits to the AP manager:

  • Helps reduce and eliminate unnecessary costs within AP process, including double keying, rework, validation, and error processing
  • DPO reduction resulting in significantly improved Supplier relations as invoices are consistently paid in line with agreed terms
  • Reduced frequency or need for calls from Suppliers chasing invoice payment updates due to visibility of invoice status
  • Improves AP team efficiencies by freeing up AP resources for more productive tasks
  • Significant cost savings, more time to focus on driving further efficiencies, and less time on report preparation due to up-to-date reports and dashboards that can be viewed in real time