BX Onboarding

The vision of having a fully integrated supply chain is all well and good as long as all partners are able to communicate electronically with each other. Buyers and suppliers will not realize the benefits of electronic document exchange if either have to wait months for on-boarding of a single trading partner.

BX Onboarding is at the foundation of every one of our offerings. We take great pride in our ability to communicate effectively with the both sides of a trading partner relationship and quickly gather the requirements necessary to perform our services.

The BX Onboarding team is a veteran group with more than a decade of B2B Integration services and B2B document exchange experience. Our average implementation time is well below typical on-boarding times thanks to our streamlined implementation process and deep experience.

The BX team has a comprehensive technology stack at its disposal – including both Amazon and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms, industry leading integration software, and the most comprehensive list of adapters for applications, files, and databases available.

The Actian Business Xchange Onboarding as a Service capabilities include:

  • An onboarding team that can speak to both IT and business users
  • Cloud-based user interfaces for users
  • Modern communication and community capabilities for expediting onboarding and workflow resolution
  • Ability to receive and deliver your preferred file format (PIDX, EDI, SAP iDoc, XML, CSV, etc.)
  • Actian BX adapter technology
  • Custom validations
On-Boarding process