BX Manager

Actian BX Manager is a web-based portal where users can track and manage documents and partner relationships. The Actian Business Xchange platform is a fully automated document exchange service, which means the use of BX Manager is optional depending on needs.

Features include:

  • Easy access via cloud-based user interfaces
  • Modern communication and community capabilities for expediting onboarding and workflow resolution
  • Account information monitoring, order status, invoice detail reports and purchase history records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you and your trading partners

Trading Partner Communications

Chat live or leave messages for trading partners from within the BX Manager interface….Coming Soon!


View inbound documents from your trading partners


View inbound documents from your trading partners

Transaction Tracking

Online feature for tracking the progress of documents and associated dollars


Enter document information directly into BX Manager and send to any trading partner

Document Flip

Auto-populate an outbound webform with information from inbound documents (ex. Invoice response to a purchase order)