Actian ID Registration

If you are a customer of PSQL or Business Xchange, and have a registered ID with what was Pervasive, please do not register for a new Actian ID. Continue to use that ID and request Support from our Contacts Page.

Please Note: Your Pervasive ID will be merged with Actian in the near future but currently does not allow viewing of support cases through the Support Portal.

Your Actian ID empowers you to download Actian software, participate in the Actian Open Source Community, and access Customer Portal for support-enabled accounts. To create your Actian ID, please complete the following form. Support-enabled accounts require a valid account number and email address to proceed to

Register for an Actian ID

The following fields are all required for registration. Your new password requires at least 6 characters and must contain at least one uppercase letter and one number.

  • Company email address

Enable Support

Account Number as provided in your order fulfillment letter, otherwise blank.

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