Versant Services

Proven Leadership

Versant's proven technology leadership in delivering object database based applications gives the assurance that Versant will help your organization achieve its goals for the adoption and use of object database technology. Versant's packaged consulting service offerings will get you on the track to success.

Versant Consulting Services

We provide all the services you need to ensure rapid deployment of your new embedded or enterprise application. With a responsive team we facilitate a business-to-business relationship. At Versant, we're not interested in creating dependency. Our consultants come to your place of business, learn your needs from the inside out and help you design and develop applications to maximize your business goals. Versant stands behind its product and you can count on our expertise whenever the need arises. However, we are confident that the simple efficiency of Versant's products will be easy for your IT staff to pick up and run with on their own.

Versant Pilot Projects

  • Environment Issues
  • Benchmarks
  • Architectural Reviews
  • Plan of Attack

Versant Pilot Projects are Professional Services assignments of one to two weeks to test the Versant Database Engine in your environment. The goal of a Pilot Project is typically to develop a prototype to help secure project funding, or to compare Versant to other products in a benchmark for performance or capabilities. A Versant Pilot Project offers the assurance that your choice of the Versant database is the optimal solution for your application.

Versant Architecture Design and Review

  • Getting it right the first time
  • Architecture and Design Review
  • Development Project Planning

The Versant Architecture Design and Review is the fastest way to get your team trained and your Versant application development project started. Versant Professional Services will meet with your core team for one week of basic consultation with a strong suggestion for an additional week of education to compliment your architecture review. Architecture planning and design reviews have proven to greatly improve the quality of the development effort and speed the time to deployment.


  • Onsite Training, Ongoing Guidance
  • Long Term Professional Services
  • Keep Your Project on Track
  • Shorten Your Time-to-Market

Mentoring combines the benefits of getting your team started quickly and having Versant Professional Services provide technical guidance as the project progresses and matures. Mentoring is a program, which provides training, architecture review, design assistance and continued application guidance. By offering Versant Professional Services expertise throughout the project lifecycle, Versant ensures the guardrails to keep your application on track.

Application Tuning and Integration

  • Tuning Your Application for the Highest Performance
  • Integrating Your Application into Existing Systems
  • Avoiding Negative Impact on Your Existing Environment
  • Integrating Desired Functions Smoothly

As your project progresses toward completion, Versant Professional Services offers Application Tuning and Integration. Versant Professional Services optimizes your application performance and integrates your application into your existing operating environment. This effort typically takes three to five days and can result in significant performance increases, taking full advantage of your existing systems and environment.

Database Administration

  • Continued Success for Your Application
  • Post-Development Assistance
  • DBA Services for Optimal Performance Tuning

In operation, object databases behave somewhat differently from relational and hierarchical databases. Versant Professional Services can work closely with your Database Administrators to advise them of these differences. This includes training the DBA to set up administration procedures for successful operation and simple maintenance, to spot potential problems before they affect operation and to keep the database tuned for optimal performance.

Installation Support

Versant Professional Services provides upgrade and new release integration support as well as patch installation. Feel safe knowing that a Versant expert is taking the greatest care in securing your existing environment while upgrading your operation to the very latest levels of performance and capability.

Versant Professional Integration Services

  • Joint Application Design and Review Sessions
  • Versant Training and Education
  • Application Integration Expertise
  • Project Management
  • Complete System Customization

Allow the experts of Versant Professional Services to provide key experience on your Versant based project, and complete integration of your custom application into your corporate environment. Versant brings a whole spectrum of skilled professionals to meet your every project need - Java, C++, OO Design, Web Application Server, e-business development experts, just to name a few. With Versant Professional Integration Services and the resources readily available from our partners, Versant has more than enough capability to assure success in your project.