Reduce Risk

Identifying potential risks upstream and early, such as hardware and resource issues, sudden peaks in demand and changing business conditions, can make all the difference. EMS creates a unified approach to risk and risk assessment, encapsulating all the business and IT infrastructure, remembering that ‘small operational problems’, left unresolved, can morph into large scale IT outages. EMS is a major contributor to help you maintain excellence in IT service delivery. For this reason, amongst others, Actian also advocates adoption of the ITIL/ITSM best practices.

Actian professional services and the EMS can help you visualise the health of your business critical services and its associated Service Level Agreements (SLA). The EMS enables its customers to target IT resources and actions to the most critical and costly IT resources and issues, ultimately delivering a greater benefit to the business during changing circumstances.

Reduce Risk through Actian:

  • Preventative actions attempt to deter or prevent undesirable events from occurring. They are proactive controls that help to prevent a service loss. 
  • Detective actions attempt to uncover undesirable elements. They provide evidence that a service loss has occurred, so that the problem can be identified and the underlying cause addressed. 

EMS - An Adaptive Service that:

  • Cover Heterogeneous systems
    • Any Operating System
    • Any Ingres or Vectorwise Version
    • Keep user expectations of higher availability
    • The need to do more but spend less
    • The Sum of All the parts
    • Monitor All services
    • Monitor All resources
  • Be easily extensible and customizable= Availability