Online Demo

Enterprise Management Appliance (EMA) - Online Demo

  • EMA – The device that makes EMS possible
  • EMA runs scheduled checks on hosts to determine their health
  • Configurable plug-ins run the actual checks
  • Bespoke plug-ins can easily be developed for specific tasks
  • Dependencies ensure limited notifications are broadcast
  • Status information is displayed through the web and mobile
  • Event Notifications sent via email, mobile or SMS/Pager
  • Uses the Nagios extensible object and template based definition
  • Performance data is retained for future reference and modelling

The following link is to a live demonstration, it is not a recording. The EMA is reacting to real problems triggered in the background.

EMA demo running on: (best viewed on a standard screen and fast internet connection)
Username: guest Password: guest

This rolling demonstration uses EMA Light. This base version concentrates on system availability and recoverability. Each background event is described by the "Scenario" on the top line of the demo web page (turning from green to orange when active). The polling interval has been reduced to aid the demonstration, typically polling intervals are set to 3 minutes. The demonstration includes both Ingres and ParAccel SMP (Vectorwise), checks are generally applicable to both database types.

When a system becomes unavailable some monitoring solutions swamp users with alerts. The blue DEPWAIT status avoids this. Plug-ins are dependent on each other and when elements of the system are unavailable only a single alert is raised.

You may chose to navigate through the menu on the left hand side of the demo screen or select any link under the "Host" or "Service" columns. Additionally, clicking on the red star
() shown alongside the service descriptions will display a set of graphs for that service check.