Enterprise Management Services

What is EMS?

The Enterprise Management Service (EMS) is designed to improve the reliability and availability of your Ingres and Vectorwise systems, by proactively monitoring your systems to provide early warning of potential problems, and alerting you instantly about any actual problems that do occur.

It does this by using an automated monitoring system (called the Enterprise Management Appliance, or EMA) that is customised to your specific systems and needs, but that is based on Actian Services’ long experience in looking for and managing early warning signs of possible problems with Ingres and Vectorwise-based systems. It gathers trend data over time about the behaviour of your system, so that you can see how service levels, system performance and availability etc change over time.

With the entry-level Enterprise Management Service, your own support team will be alerted when a potential or actual problem is detected, and you deal with it yourself. With more advanced levels of the EMS, Actian staff will be alerted to respond and deal with incidents instead, either just during business hours or 24x7.

The EMS knows about Service Level Agreements and can be integrated into the customer’s own IT service management team and enterprise service management software. The EMS builds on Actian’s considerable experience of managing and monitoring Ingres and Vectorwise databases and embeds that expertise into a series of checks that standardise and automate the monitoring, reporting and escalation of any events occurring in your enterprise.

  • A Scalable Managed Service based around our EMA (Enterprise Management Appliance)
  • Monitors Ingres, OpenROAD, Vectorwise databases and all associated resources 24 x 7
  • Automatically Notifies Local & Remote Support Team of events and potential issues
  • Understands Severity and Complex Escalations to multiple support groups
  • Gathers service trend information over time for later analysis