OpenROAD 5.1 Update Course

Code: OR51UP
Days: 2
OpenROAD Version: 5.1

OpenROAD is a high-productivity low-maintenance 4GL-based object-oriented application-development tool for creating business applications of any type and complexity. It is well-established, with thousands of deployments worldwide. The product has been dramatically enhanced between version 4.1 and the current version (OpenROAD 5.1), and separate application server and web deployment products have been released.
This training course details the enhancements to the main product, and provides hands-on experience in using them, and summarizes the application server and web deployment products. A separate course (OreServer) addresses the application server and web deployment products in detail.

Note: All versions of OpenROAD 4.x are out of support after March 2009.

You will learn:

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand and assess the changes between OpenROAD 4.1 and OpenROAD 5.1, and the role they can play in your applications
  • Develop improvements and extensions to your applications using these features.

Course Style

This course provides you with all the knowledge and skill you need to:

  • Develop OpenROAD applications and functionality to current display standards
  • Maintain existing OpenROAD applications
  • Provide high-quality, low-cost interfaces to your database data
  • Assess the cost-benefit of OpenROAD compared to other technologies

The course is a mixture of lecture and demonstrations with hands on practical exercises for all key topics

Who Should Attend

IT staff designing, developing or maintaining business applications to be developed or prototyped in OpenROAD.
IT staff involved in upgrading OpenROAD applications to OpenROAD 5.1.
Managers or IT staff who need to understand or assess the current OpenROAD tools and capabilities and whose knowledge is of the version 4.1 product.


Delegates should have attended the OpenROAD course (OpenROAD Application Development and Maintenance), or should have equivalent experience.

Key Topics

OpenROAD changed considerably between OpenROAD 4.1 and 2006, as well as between 2006 and 5.1. For clarity topics are grouped into "new in 2006" and "new in 5.1".

New in 2006:

Changes in 2006 have considerably altered development architectures and approaches.


  • Reorganisation
  • Debugger enhancements


Visual enhancements

  • Graphic
  • Text

Userclass enhancements

  • Constructors
  • Instance variable

New Field properties and other class properties

New events

  • Flyover

OpenROAD Server and Client changes

  • HTTP transport
  • Net & java interfaces
  • mClient
  • Eclient extensions and tools

New in 5.1: