OpenROAD 1-Day Overview

Code: ORoverview
Days: 1
OpenROAD Version: 5.1

You will learn:

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand and assess the role that OpenROAD can fulfill in your organisation
  • Assess the validity of OpenROAD's claims to provide
    • built-in integration of OpenROAD with Actian, Oracle and SQLServer databases
    • business applications that can directly reflect users requirements
    • 4GL-based small-volume, low-maintenance, reusable code
    • object-centred applications
  • Understand the role and capabilities of OpenROAD ApplicationServer and EClient

Course Style

The course is a mixture of lecture and demonstrations and hands-on practical exercises for all key topics. It can also be run as a seminar (lecture and demonstrations only) if required.

Who Should Attend

Managers or IT staff who need to understand or assess the OpenROAD tools and capabilities. This course is the prerequisite first day for the OpenROAD training course.


No knowledge of OpenROAD or Actian is assumed.

Key Topics

  • OpenROAD concepts
  • User Model and Data Model
  • UserClasses and Database
  • Building a Working Display
  • OpenROAD, Server and EClient application examples

Next Course

This course forms the prerequisite first day of the OpenROAD course.

Class Dates

Start Date City Country
05-mar-2018 Slough UK
09-apr-2018 APAC Australia
18-jun-2018 Slough UK
02-jul-2018 APAC Australia
20-aug-2018 APAC Australia
01-oct-2018 Slough UK
12-nov-2018 APAC Australia