Get Started With Vectorwise

Code: IVW_GS
Days: 1
Actian Version: Actian Vectorwise V2.5

You will learn:

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Build your Actian Vectorwise instance
  • Load data, export and import data into an Actian Vectorwise database
  • Be aware of the vital tasks that need to be performed to ensure the efficient running of the Actian Vectorwise instance
  • Understand the difference between Actian Vectorwise and traditional RDBMS environments
  • Backup and restore your Actian Vectorwise database
  • Understand how to configure and monitor your Actian Vectorwise instance

Course Style

This learning course is aimed at delegates who will be responsible for managing an Actian Vectorwise database and installation.

It covers an overview of installation, configuration and day to day running of Actian Vectorwise. It also covers an overview of some aspects of database administration including: managing database objects such as tables and indexes etc.; data integrity, table maintenance and optimization.

The course employs lectures, demonstrations and hands-on labs to reinforce the course contents. The course focuses on the 64 bit Linux operating system.

Who Should Attend

This course is for Database and System Administrators who are responsible for the maintenance of Actian Vectorwise databases.


ActianSQL training, or equivalent experience and skill. Experience of database management is useful but not essential.

Key Topics

  • Actian Vectorwise architecture components
  • Planning and performing an Actian Vectorwise Installation
  • Starting and stopping Actian Vectorwise.
  • Connecting to Actian Vectorwise using Actian and Java-based client
  • Backup and Restore of Actian Vectorwise databases
  • The DBMS Server and the Actian Vectorwise servers
  • Configuring and monitoring Actian Vectorwise
  • Loading and merging data into Actian Vectorwise
  • Managing tables and indexes
  • Data integrity
  • Optimizer and statistics
  • Benchmarking

Next Course

This course provides an overview of the skills required to become an Vectorwise Database Administrator. To gain more detailed instruction about how to manage an Ingres installation, we recommend either:

  • The IngresDBM course - Managing Ingres Installations and Databases
  • The DBMORA course - Ingres Database Management for Oracle DBAs