Ingres Embedded SQL

Code: ESQL
Days: 3

You will learn:

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to develop embedded SQL applications using all the major features of the language

Course Style

This hands-on course teaches delegates the constructs and mechanics of developing applications written in Embedded SQL. Course topics range from basic Embedded SQL syntax through to more complicated areas such as cursors, error handling and dynamic SQL. The course makes use of lectures, demonstrations and practicals to reinforce the skills taught. The exercises are template-driven, focusing on the embedding of the SQL, making the course effectively generic for all 3GL languages.

Who Should Attend

This course is for Developers who are required to write embedded SQL in the Ingres environment.


Delegates should have attended the Retrieving Data from Advantage Ingres Enterprise Relationship Databases (SQL-1) and the Manipulating Data in Advantage Ingres Enterprise Relational Databases (SQL-2) courses. A good working knowledge of a 3GL language would be beneficial.

Key Topics

  • ESQL Statement Basics
  • Database access
  • Repeated Queries
  • The ESQL preprocessor
  • Host language variables
  • Using structures for variables
  • Indicator variables
  • Singleton Selects
  • The Select loop
  • Cursor basics
  • Update and read only cursors
  • Cursor performance issues
  • Retrieving status information
  • Error handling
  • Dynamic SQL
  • Execute Immediate
  • Prepare and execute
  • Dynamic select statements
  • Setting and using the SQLDA
  • Two phased commit
  • Long varchars
  • Handling long varchars using standard SQL
  • Handling long varchars using the callback method