Load Data into Vectorwise

Actian Director uses the Vectorwise Bulk Loader (vwload), which is the fastest method for loading data.

There are other methods for loading data into Vectorwise including the “SQL copy command” and traditional “insert/update/delete”.

  1. Select which of the Tables you want to load data into (example salesdata). Click “Load Data into Vectorwise”.
    Alternatively, you can right click the Table and click “Load data into Vectorwise”.
    Load Data into Vectorwise

  2. Confirm the data is being loaded into the correct Database Name
    and Table Name.
  3. If you are using the SampleSalesData...
    1. Select Data Delimiter as Tab
    2. Select Record Delimiter as Line Feed
  4. Choose the directory of your Input Data Files (example C:\samplesalesdata.dat)
  5. Click “OK
    Load Data into Vectorwise

    Vectorwise will now load your data (the Sample Sales Data should load almost instantly).

    Note: The default date format is set to US style. You can change the date format in the “Advanced Options”. You can find more information on the date format options in the SQL reference guide.
  6. Click “OK”.
    Load Data into Vectorwise

    You can test that the load was successful if you right click the database, and click “Select First 1000 rows”.
    Load Data into Vectorwise

    The results section will now show your tables with the data you loaded.
    Load Data into Vectorwise

Congratulations, you have now loaded data into Vectorwise. You are now ready to query the database.

Next Steps — Query Vectorwise