Installing Vectorwise (Windows)

  1. Unzip vectorwise-2.5.1-162-eval-win-x86_64 after the download is complete.
  2. Open the unzipped folder.
  3. Double-click “setup.exe
    Installing Vectorwise
  4. The “Vectorwise Setup” Wizard will open to start the installation process. Click “Next
    Installing Vectorwise
  5. Please read the license agreement and if you accept the terms, select “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and click “Next”.
    Installing Vectorwise

    The fastest method to install Vectorwise is the Express installation method, which we will choose for this guide. The Advanced installation method gives you greater control over the installation components and configuration options available, and we recommend users get familiar with the options available.
  6. Select “Express” and click “Next”.
    Installing Vectorwise

    Vectorwise Setup is now preparing.
    Installing Vectorwise

    Vectorwise gives you an option of what components you would like to install including:
    • Database Server and Tools
    • Ingres Client
    • Ingres .NET Data Provider
    • Vectorwise Documentation
    • Actian Director (Director)
    For express installation on a new machine, we recommend you install all the components.
  7. Select “Typical Server” and click “Next”.
    Installing Vectorwise

    Review your settings before proceeding with the Vectorwise installation.
  8. Click “Install”.
    Installing Vectorwise

    Vectorwise will now prepare to install.
    Installing Vectorwise
  9. When the Vectorwise installation is complete, click “Next”.
    Installing Vectorwise
  10. Vectorwise is now been successfully installed. Click “Finish
    Installing Vectorwise

Congratulations! Vectorwise is now installed and running.

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