Create New Table with Director GUI

At this stage you will need data.

We hope you have your own data available to load into Vectorwise, however if you require some sample data you can download and use Sample Sales Data.

Download Sample Sales Data

The instructions below will show you how to create the table and load the data using the Sample Sales Data (86,849 rows which is about 9MB data). We have purposely kept the data size small so you can download it quickly, but note it is not a lot of data for Vectorwise, even on a small laptop, and we recommend you test Vectorwise with a lot more data if you want to do any serious performance testing.

Below are instructions to 1) create a table using Director GUI, or 2) create a table using a script (supplied in the SampleSalesData.zipx)

Manually Creating a table

  1. Click “New Table”.
    Create New Table
  2. Under Table Properties, give your table a Name (example Salesdata).
    Create New Table
  3. Under Columns, enter the “Column Name”, “Data Type” and select if you want to “Allow Nulls”.
    For the Sample Sales Data example use the names defined in SampleSalesData.sql
    Create New Table
  4. To insert a new column, right-click under the bottom row, and click “Insert Column
    Create New Table
  5. Enter all the column details. Click “Save”.
    Create New Table

    Your new Table will appear in the Instance Explorer.
    Create New Table

Congratulations, you have now created a Table and are ready to load data into Vectorwise.

Next Steps — Load data into Vectorwise